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I-Engagement & Retention Surveys

  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Job Satisfaction Survey
  • Employee Motivation Survey
  • Employee Loyalty Survey
  • Exit Interview Survey
  • Stay Interview Survey

Our surveys will help you measure your employees’ job satisfaction, organizational commitment and intention to stay in your organization. We will provide you with an in-depth organizational health checks with validated quantitative and qualitative engagement data segmented to your needs and post survey Solutions will be provided based on your results and organization’s needs.

We will help you in designing and/or implementing an Exit and Stay interview surveys that can be administrated either face to face or electronically to identify people’s reasons for leaving or staying within the role and organization. The reporting process will objectively identify, report trends in reasons for leaving or staying within the role and organization and will incorporate motivational and cultural fit considerations, as well as issues that affected performance (competence).

The collection and analysis of consistent data regarding retention risk factors gives your organization the opportunity to develop and implement a strategy to address retention risk factors.

II. Employee Handbooks /Policies & Procedures

strategichr is available to help you develop or revise a handbook or policy manual that will meet organizational needs and minimize legal risk.

Our professional staff will work with members of your company to develop and maintain policies and practices that create a positive employer/employee relationship. Most important is our availability to help your members think through the complicated human resources problems that are a daily reality in every organization. We help you evaluate where you are and where you want to be.

III. Onboarding Programs

New employees are most impressionable when they first come on board. To get them properly started off, strategichr will help you to create a new employee onboarding program that:

  • Create a favorable impression of your company and its management
  • Convey the company’s expectations of performance and conduct
  • Provide an overview of the working environment and employment conditions
  • Provide an overview of compensation and benefits programs and advise employees how and where to obtain detailed information when needed
  • Describe additional pertinent policies, rules and regulations
  • Identify the kinds of clients or customers to be dealt with and emphasize the importance of satisfying them
  • Emphasize the importance of cooperation, teamwork, flexibility and the ability to adapt to change as necessary
  • Finally ensure that new employees receive everything they need to get started
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