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Through our recruitment agency, strategichr-Human Resources Experts is able to offer multiple job opportunities & careers to potential job seekers throughout the Middle East & Gulf region-Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan.

Possessing a strong HR & Recruitment Consulting experience, strategichr-Human Resources Experts is able to help employers fulfill their staffing needs by providing multinational talented manpower. We provide recruitment services for all sectors from junior to senior levels job candidates, and therefore possess extensive expertise and resources in providing the best candidate database for various corporate staffing needs, through a team of highly qualified personnel that utilize the most modern effective and efficient recruitment techniques.

Through our services we will provide potential employers the below:
-    Search for candidates
-    Headhunting
-    Pre-selection
-    Interviews
-    Planning for advertisement if necessary
-    Guarantee for replacement and follow-up services

Our Database:
We possess a strong and very selective database with multinational background. We are able to provide you with candidates from all levels and from different nationalities such as but not limited to Lebanese, Jordanian, Egyptian, Philipino, Indian, Pakistanian, Singaporean, Sri Lankan, British, European, Syrian, Singaporean etc…..

Our Fees:
From our experience in the market, we are able to provide you the most competitive prices . We strongly believe in our recruitment services and after sales services.
We are known for our flexibility. We value our Customer Satisfaction and Delight and we treat our Customers as Strategic Partners.

II-Competency Analysis / Job Descriptions

Competencies provide your organization with a common language by which to describe the behaviors or actions required of people in the performance of their roles. The Competency Dictionary is the collection of these behaviors in a structured way that can be used by strategichr for:

  • Specifying job descriptions and person requirements for selection processes
  • Identifying training and development needs of individuals
  • Providing feedback through the performance management process
  • Identifying individuals for promotion or succession planning

III. Performance Appraisals Systems

Clearly communicated performance criteria and measurable standards of behavior is one of the most important branches of Talent Management.

Our solution has been designed to enhance the performance of your organization by monitoring the progression of individuals against a custom-built competency-based developmental plan.

strategichr Performance Management solution allows HR and hiring managers to oversee each phase of the process so that support can be provided at any stage. Your organization can use our Performance Management solution to reinforce positive behavior and performance culture, resulting in productivity gains and better overall performance. You can align your organizational goals and employee objectives in order to retain high caliber staff and manage stars and under-performers. Your employees will benefit from clear objectives and “no surprises” reviews with remuneration linked to performance with additional training and development.

IV. HR Training Programs

Developing the capabilities of your talent to align with business objectives is a success differentiator.

strategichr Training and Development solution has been designed to maximize the return on investment of your training budget and provides real benefits for both the individual and business growth.

Our training programs are custom designed and would provide line managers with the critical skills to effectively lead their teams.

For more information about our training programs offered:

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  • Job Seekers Area
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